“Life Finds The Way”

Part 1: “Life Finds the Way”

I am taking the time to tell my story because it’s been a long journey.  I totally agree with a lot of Olympians that say, life can bring way more challenging obstacles than try to make the Olympics. Let me tell you, the Olympic journey was a very difficult journey that I will share with you in another story. My devastated knee injury 8 month before the Olympic Trails was very difficult to go through but this journey you are about to read tops it by far.

I want to start with the pregnancies I’ve endured. These past four years have been incredible with all the things I have gone through in my life. The roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, have been way higher than I have ever imagined. By far the most challenging years of my entire life.

Four years ago I was pregnant with my first baby boy. I was pregnant with him for 7 month and I had a miscarriage. It was the most intense, sad experience of my life yet to date. At three months into my pregnancy, my doctor told me the baby was having difficulty growing and he didn’t know if the baby was going to make it. It was the worst news I had ever received. I started having problems sleeping, praying every night and day for him, going to work and sneaking away to cry in the bathroom and it took a few minutes to compose my self. It was a very hard thing to process and I didn’t want to tell anyone because i didn’t want them to feel bad.

(Me pregnanted with my first baby boy)

We were in the middle of the Gymnastics meet season and I didn’t want anyone to feel bad and suffer for it. I just kept it to my self, my family and some close friends. It was very hard. At 7 month into the pregnancy, I remember coming back from a gymnastics meet I felt something was wrong at the meet. I decided to go to the doctor and check if the baby was ok. The doctor said, he couldn’t hear the heart beat and ordered a ultrasound immediately to see what was going on, but on my way there I was praying for the best, that he was ok. It was a very sad day.

We arrived at the ultrasound place and when I arrived there the technician didn’t know I wasn’t sure what was happening yet and broke the news to me like it was another part of her job. She said yes, the baby didn’t make it. I broke down into tears and said wait what?. Me part denial and much disturbed by the news I said oh no!. I was so sorry!. I blame my self. I thought I could have done something different to safe him. Later the doctor said that it wasn’t my fault that it was a very unlucky thing that sometime happens. It took 5 days to start the process of force labor. I had to deliver the baby like he was alive. It went to be the longest 5 days of my life to wait at home for the delivery day.

In the hospital, Even dough It was a very stressful and sad experience, the nurses were very sweet and helpful with all the processes. I felt very down and sad for a few weeks and asking my self why did it happen? I always try to manage difficult times with positive thoughts because I don’t like to entertain bad thoughts for long. So I went right back to work and did what I love to do that it’s coaching. I was at the gym and felt very sad for a while but I needed to keep moving forward to be able to feel better and stay positive so people around me, my family and friends didn’t get too affected.

Miracle came through!!!. Three month later, the miracle happened, we didn’t wait long for another baby. I found out our next baby was coming.

To be continue… Part 2 coming soon!

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