Day & Night Look by Annia

As the holidays are here, I want to give you a easy way to buy great gifts for family and friends by picking trendy ideas for you so you can make your family and friends happy.

Let’s start with this beautiful dress for a night outfit by Poppy Apparel. I love this dress because the neck line is very interesting and fun. The color and fabric is perfect for Fall/Winter and holidays and It is so elegant!

Dress $29.99

To use 10% discount code: Anniastyle10

To buy: Poppyapparelshop-Dress

My next outfit is a Day look that I thought was nice and chic. Love it because it looks simple and comfortable. You can dress it up with some elegant jewelry and will be all set for a birthday party, go out to the movie or any event doing the day.

Gray Sweater $45.99

To use 10% discount code: Anniastyle10

To buy: Poppyapparelshop-Graysweater

With this awesome chic Navy blue Jean from Lusty Chic

To buy with 15% discount: Lustychic-Navyblue

To finish the look I picked a hand bag that you can wear with both looks!. Enjoy this beautiful hang bag!.

Hand bag: $49.99

To buy: Poppyapparelshop-handbag

To use 10% discount: Anniastyle10

I am very happy for these looks. Hope you like them and can make family and friends very happy on this holiday time!. Enjoy them!.

Xo!. 💋

Style by Annia

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