“Life Finds The Way” Part 2.

As my story continue!.

Miracle came through!!!. Three month later, the miracle happened, we didn’t wait long for another baby. We found out our next baby was coming.

We found out I was pregnant with Faith Annialis after three month of my miscarriage happened and it was a beautiful pregnancy without problems. She was a very healthy baby and amazing blessing in our life.

I delivered Faith on November 14 at 40 weeks by a C-section after a 22 hours of painful (no epidural) labor. I was trying to delivered her naturally because at the time I was afraid of the a epidural because of my spina bifida it is a more difficult process and I waited longer to do it. I experienced a lots of pain but I guess now I know how it feels to try a natural labor and thanks God, I have an awesome doctor that keep Faith and I safe. I am very thankful for my Doctor Tashman Hunter for being so an amazing Doctor. https://www.inova.org/Physician_Directory/Hunter-Scott-Tashman-MD/729872 .

Faith was a healthy beautiful baby that God blessed us with. She is 3 years old now and amazing me every day. She is smart, strong, active and very creative little girl. I can’t wait to see what she will do in the future to come. She makes me a very happy mommy!. Love her to the moon and back!

When my Faith was two years old. Miracle happened again!. I got pregnant with my lovely boy Andronicus Lee. He is a blessing and great miracle!.

But a few month into my pregnancy, I was going through a difficult time in my profession. I had a hard and stressful time because of all that was happenings. I suffered a lot because of all the unnecessary stress and my family did as well. I was very sad with how things was going and to top everything up my baby wasn’t growing well. I had a lot of ultrasounds and doctor visits. My Doctor was very much on top of everything to make sure the baby made it especially after my miscarriage with my fist baby boy.

At 36 weeks the baby still wasn’t growing well and once again I started to remember my first pregnancy experience and what I went through. I don’t want anyone to go through something like this. It was a very scary, hard and sad experience. Once again, A lot of several visits to the ultrasound place and doctor visits to no know if your baby was going to make it. My doctor recommended to go to a ultrasound specialist for small babies.

When I was at the ultrasound place they did a 4 hours detail ultrasound. Yes 4 hours. It was the longest ultrasound I have ever had to see how small the baby was and how behind in weight he was. I was just praying every minuten of the ultrasound for my baby. After two more ultrasounds like that, the doctors decided to do the C-section early and bring Andronicus out to make sure he made it. And on July 16th I had him at 36 weeks with a C-section. He was 3.8 OZ a very small baby but he made it. Thanks God!.


It was very emotional post C-section recovery at the hospital. We felt so blessed after all we have gone through and we still had a healthy baby. Thanks to God!. Andronicus Lee was here and he was healthy. We were so happy. He had to be 10 days in the Nicu because of his low weight but I couldn’t wait to take him home and be a mommy of two. We had to commute back and forth to see him every day. It was hard and very long 10 days for us but now we can say, we have experienced a difficult time but we were rewarded with two beautiful babies a boy and a girl and we give all the glory to God!.

I wanted to share my story because I know their are a lot of woman that have gone through a similar story and think they are alone but no you are not alone. It happens more that you think and it can happen to anyone. If anyone is going through something like this now, I want to give you hope and strength. When you feel ready and if you want to share, feel free to do so you can also give hope and strength to another woman and Family that is going through the same experience. Also when you are going through a hard experience like this, it is very difficult to see what the outcome will be or how the story will end. But when you believe God has you and he is the one that guides your life and your experiences, you believe in a happy ending. I feel so blessed, I believe he has me and blessed me every day with whatever the test will be. Thank you Lord!.

Thank you all for your comments, love and support. God bless you all!.



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