Annia Cares Camp


Camp Designed by 2x Olympian

Annia Hatch

With this Camp I want to go around the world and the US helping out federations, coaches, gyms reach out thier goals and bring them together to do collaborations. 


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Dream it to achieve it”

Dreams become reality when you take action- Take action today!

Meet The Clinicians


Annia Hatch- Two Time Olympic Medalist and World Medalist

• Director of Annia Cares Camp
• Creative consultant, Vault & Tumbling Clinician


Betty Okino: Olympic Medalist and World Medalist

• Creative consultant, Beam, Tumbling & Dance Clinician


*More Olympics and World class clinicians are coming soon!.


Example Schedule

Choose  from 1 or 2 days camp and the focus of the clinic that will be best for your gym/team!

Day 1




Introduce all the clinicians

& Warm up: “Detailed warm up”


45 mins Rotations

1st RT 4:00-4:45pm/ 2nd RT 4:45-5:30pm/ 5:30-5:45pm Break/ 3rd RT 5:45-6:30pm/ 4th RT 6:30-715pm/ 7:15-7:45 Wrap up & Q&A for gymnasts


Events Plan 

Vault: Running Drills/ Board Drills/First Flight


Bars: Floor Bar Basics/ In-bar circles


Beam: Complex warm up/ Jump complex/ Acro Skills


Floor: Basic Tumbling/ Jumps complex/Air Awareness

Day 2




Warm up: “Detailed warm up” 


45 mins Rotations

1st RT 9:15-10:00am/ 2nd 10:00-10:45am/ 10:45-11:00 Break/ 3rd RT 11:00-11:45am/ 4th RT 11:45-12:30/ 12:30-1:00 Wrap up & Q&A for coaches


Events Plan

Vault: Blocking Drills/Air Awareness/ Landing  Drills/ Skill Feed Back


Bars: Swing Skills/ Dismounts/ Skill Feed Back


Beam: Aerials and Saltos/ Dismounts


Floor: Forward & Backward Saltos/ Twisting Forward and Backward Drills

I am interested in register my gym/athletes to Annia Cares Camp >

2020 International Annia Cares Open Camp in the Bahamas!. 

For all Bahamas open camp inquires please click on link above!.

All Clinics will include the main clinician and other staff members of Annia Cares Camp for larges groups. 
*All staff members participating, professional clinicians who hold professional liability insurance as well as compelted, passed background checks, and are appointed at the discretion of the owners of Annia Cares Camp. Staff is not limited to the staff listed on this page.