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How I balance my life as a mom, business woman and coach?


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Hi readers and fans! I am very exciting to be able to connect with you this way. It was always a dream of mines to share my experiences and knowledge and I am finally able to do it. Hope I can be helpful to you. Feel free to ask questions I will be glad to answer them!

I want to start saying, been a mom is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and it is far more fulfilling than my Olympics experience. Every day is very challenging but it is also very rewarding. Here is my schedule and how I do it.

• In the mornings I spend it with my lovely daughter Faith and Andron doing stuff in the house like every mom out there, doing breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning and washing clothes. Exercise three times a week is a most to stay strong. Go to my fitness page to see what I do.

• Doing the day, I go to the gym and train gymnasts. See them get skills and working hard it is what every coach love. It is one of the best sport in my opinion. Gymnastics gives you strength, balance, and flexibility and strong mind and Kids can start at a very young age. Beside gymnastics, there are other things I love to do too like fashion and wellness, I check on trends and designers clothing line to stay fresh on the new styles and outfits. It is a lot of fun and it keeps me creative with it. Wellness has always been part of me. I look for products that will maintain my healthy lifestyle and body health. There are products I use now from vitamins, sleeping mattress , air filters, filters water bottles and more that are amazing and very helpful to keep a healthy lifestyle. I am going to share them with you soon!.

• Nights are very busy between putting Faith and Andron to sleep and getting some business work done it becomes very long. Sometimes I work to late hours to be able to finish a project, reading my emails, posting on my social media sites and blog. It is busy but I love every minute of it.

One thing I do to keep my energy up through a long day is drink a lot of water and eat fresh foods. Even dough I have a busy life I try to prepare a whole dinner every day and eat heathy. I believe if you eat well you can think well and feel well. I don’t drink sodas, or eat fast food. Always fresh food is the way to go! and to help with that I made sure I take my juice plus vitamins and protein shake every day. Here is how you can enjoy the benefit of juice plus. It is great for athletes and overyone!. Enjoy it!.


Annia. Xo!.

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