Balancing act! 


Keeping my body strong, flexible and healthy is always a very important task for me!.

As a mom, coach and business woman, i know how hard is to keep a routine and stay disciplining with it. Let me help you and advice you with some of my lifestyle routines. Joy me on the fun!.



This is my routine: I do this three times a week on the comfort of my house. In order to be able to keep a routine in my busy life I have to find convenience exercise that I can use in my house with not equipments. Finish up with a good stretching routine. Try them and let me know how are they working for you?. Comments are welcome!.

Annia. Xo!.



About Annia


Welcome to the First Cuban-American Olympic Medalist Annia’s official blog. To promote gymnastics tips, health, fitness, trendy fashion style and wellness. We focus on athletes, families and kids to have a better life and give tools to help, motivate and inspire them achieve their dreams. Dream Big!

Annia is also the founder and President of Annia Cares Project Inc a nonprofit organization that serve athletes and families in the poorest communities in the world… Read more: About Annia

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