Wellness & Lifestyle


Wellness & Lifestyle

Beautiful Pillows Just For You!. 

In my Home @amazon Collection I am getting ready for this Fall season coming up with these beautiful pillows by my side!. Click on top picture for more information.


Vacation vibe @anniashopinstyle


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Ready to explore the world this summer?. Why not with this beautiful luggage from Samsonite


Annia Shop in Style ~ Home Collection on Amazon!


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Wellness Tip


At age of 12 I learn I was born with spina bifida. A condition on my back that some people need to get operation to be able to walk or can’t walk at all. My back condition kept me from doing gymnastics for 6 month and without be able to walk because all the pain. Also at age of 12 Doctors told I wasn’t going to be able to hold more that 10 pound when I was 35 or hold my kids and that I need to quit gymnast. Today I am over 35 years old and I can hold kids and play with them and enjoy my life as normal as anyone else with the help of this awesome products. I 💯 percent recommend them for anyone. They are great products to keep a well balance wellness. It is a life style to enjoy!. They make me smile bigger every day!. 


For more info> Nikken products

Lifestyle Tip:

Are you a creative person and looking for a way to show and promote your talent and product?. Dreams are just dreams with not actions!.  Read more>


Perfect solution to stressed muscles and joints!


More info> Nikken products

Water is very important!. Make sure you get a good one and at a good price!. 


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Christmas Vibe & Awesome Tips!.



Hi Everyone! I want to give you some tips for Christmas time so you can give awesome gifts to your family and friends. Let’s start with the amazing Nikken Filter Water Bottle I love… I love this unique water bottle system because It is very good for your skin to stay well hydrated and soft. This peoduct has helped me over 10 years to keep my face and hair from getting dry and since I’ve been using this products my hair grows faster and my face skin stay hydrated. Enjoy all this products!. They are worth trying!. 💝

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Their is more to Juice Plus than Awesome Vitamins: Nature Protein Power & Protein Bars!



Here is a smart and healthy way to take your protein every day. As a very busy mommy, I always try to find easy ways to get all my nutrition I need through the day with nature and organic products. Thanks to Juice Plus I can benefit from this awesome products. To find for information you can click on my site www.anniahatch.juiceplus.com.

Sharing 6 more of my Wellness lifestyle with you


For more that 10 years I have experienced all of these great products and I love them very much. They have great technologies like magnetic and infared in all the sleep system products that relax your body when you sleep.

The water systems  are great way to filter the water with mineral rocks that brings back the natural way the earth do it on water falls. I want to end with the great magnetic pad that helps me with my aches and pains. I can go on and on about them but you will learn more and have great information on these two links. Enjoy them!.

Water systems              Sleep systems


Annia. Xo!

Our Wellness & Lifestyle with Juice Plus+


Hey guys,

Athletes need good nutrition habits to get all the energy they need through the day and be able to perform at their best. I know how hard it is to eat the needed 15+ servings of variety of raw vegetable and some fruits very day. I personally needed a simple solution and found Juice Plus+ capsules chewable to bridge the nutritional for my family. I love the products because it is a lot of nutrition with very few calories and everyone can have it from kids to adults. It is a very simple way to make sure your kids get all the nutrition they need in the day. With all the preservative in the food today people don’t get all the nutrition they need. Juice Plus+ is a very simple and affordable way to help us improve our nutrition and health. I’m inviting you be part of a lifestyle that helps you to have: Healthy body, Healthy mind, Healthy life! Please let me know if you would like to more information. If you are ready to partner with me, my wellness team and I will help you get started. I look forward to hearing from you. You can comment, email me on anniahatchofficial@gmail.com or contact me on my social media sites. To buy go to link> Annia Juice Plus

Annia. Xo!

 Wellness Favorites & My Must Have


As a wellness lover for many years, I have experienced and benefited from great products  lines and want to share a few of my must have. For more that ten years I’ve been using all of this amazing products and today I can say it has been a life change experience.

From back pain, knee surgery post pain, allergies, dry skin, used to be all of my symptoms and today I don’t have anyone because of this great lines.

I want to start with my dry skin problems and what I use to help me with it.

True Elements® Marine Organic Skincare

True Elements® Nourishing Face Cream:
TO DEEPLY NOURISH SKIN shea butter, marine minerals and trace elements restore the barrier function of the skin, provide nutrition and supply moisture to the upper layers of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid creates a strong moisture reserve. The result is skin that feels soft and smooth.

To order go to


This is a great water bottle for athletes! Also great for dry skin!

PiMag® Sport Bottle


The PiMag® Sport Bottle: features a unique, patented (U.S. Patent #8,439,205) microfilter that meets or exceeds internationally recognized filtration standards. Proprietary Nikken PiMag® Water Technology combines a magnetic field that helps to reduce sediment agglomeration with features that add natural minerals and adjust pH value.

To order go to


Juice Plus +


Juice plus: Great organic way to have your vitamins, veggies, and protein daily. Check them out on link below.


For more amazing products and how you can take care of your wellness, you can go to my store blog or links and check them all out. You will be able to read more information about their benefits and how you can use them. Enjoy them!. Tell me about your testimonies and comments.

Annia. Xo!

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